Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Unraveling The Knot

     Have you ever dissected the threads on a rope? The multitudes of threads that are intertwined within each others? The twists, the turns, the loops, the coils and curls? The entwining and interlacing, sinuous manner in which they intersect. Than on closer inspection you find areas that are strained, frayed and choked with minuet obstructing knots. Whilst running your sensitive fingers along the silken thread you sense a smidge of uncomfortableness that upon viewing with the eye is virtually unseen. Upon closer inspection you form an analysis of a mere snarl slowing up traffic on the thread freeway. Vessel like arms of fiber reach out from the ligature begging for release.
     Now imagine that "rope"...every distinguishable strand, being a representation of a junction you have intersected at some point in your existence here on earth. From conception in the womb to the dirt shoveled on the coffin. For some the "rope" will be a few simple threads and others, the ones used to hold to the dock, massive ships. The more intersecting, the stronger and thicker the cords. Some "knots" will be petite some considerably substantial. Some inconsequential, some voluminous! Some will be worked out with gentle encouragement others will scar you for life.
     And now the "knots". What is it you envisioned first? For you know there are more than one kind. Did you see the interlacing of string fastening something together? Or a problem that is hard to solve. Did you see a bond of union, a marriage decree? Perhaps it was a protruding lump or one you can see and feel in the muscle and tissues. And than maybe it was the rounded cross grained area of a tree where the branch meets in conjunction with the trunk or the woody tissue that caused a discoloration. Perhaps it is that of an ornamental bow to keep things from slipping. And lest we not let sail from view the nautical mile.
     Yet any of these left to its own does not a strand stand a chance. When you peel a rope or string from itself down to the single thread this is what you will come to comprehend, left denude from those surrounding, it lay infracted, limp, withered and shredded. It has lost it's proper course, upright, virtuous shape, no longer bold and left without strength. When you try to stand alone, solo and as one, the slightest breeze, the brush of feather, the drop of a pins vibrating ping upon the floor that causes the trifling tremble, will constitute the thread to fall. Why? Because there is no demanding or protecting foundation that surrounds you from the other elements that may befall you, most meant to bring you down or watch you fail. Whence the verse; "Where two or more are gathered..." the saying; "there is strength in numbers".
     So what and whom are these surrounding strands? For one, look around you! When you need protecting, when you need help healing, when you feel discouraged or heartbroken, physically incapable or just in need of a hug, who comes to mind? When you need reprieve, shelter from the storm, a place to make memories with family and friends, gathering to sing praise and give thanksgiving, where do you find yourself drawn to? They need not only be humans for animals too fill our souls and strengthen us by making us feel whole.  And even the nature that encircles you with it's views and sounds. Those are your surrounding strands, those are the threads that make you strong and bold. Those are the silken wraps that protect the very core of you.
     For today, do me a favor, make a list of those unique, distinctive, intimate, respective entities and than buy a spool of satiny, silky, colorful thread, soft, soothing yarn or cottony, coarse, solid string. Cut a strand, you can tie in a bow, lay out straight or tie around a letter. Distribute them to the recipient either in person or sent in a card, tied to their collar or wrapped around a tree branch. Laid out in the open to help feather a nest, or put on someone's desk. Lovingly placed upon a pillow, or delicately woven into someone's long hair. Tied to a stake for a flower to climb, wrapped around loosely a loving ones finger, or even amongst the cool, unread pages of a book that you love. Explain to them the significance and ask them to do the same. Soon this world will be seen in bows and ribbons and will help softened the harshness of this world. But more importantly, it will help us all stand together, strengthened in love and compassion.
     (If you feel inclined, let me know how you thanked the strands that surround you for in turn you have given me hope that this strand of golden thread will help spread healing and thankfulness and strengthen me also to continue my reach out to others)

Monday, February 9, 2015

This Moment Called Now

       A moment; a brief period of time... but yet some can last for a life time. The definition doesn't really fit the real meaning does it? Some you want to last for ever and other's you can't wait till they end. Moment makes a sound, it's the tick than the tock of sometimes an imaginary clock. Yet like that tic and tock, you can not get it back, real time cannot be reset and first moment feelings can never be re-felt. That's why we are told to, "Live in the moment"!! Say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done, write what needs to be shared, for like a blink of an eye, it's there than it's gone. This is where regret is born, from chances we didn't take.

      New life comes in a moment in time and death in an instant. Moments have gone on to change history, and the moments will last into eternity. Words spoken in hurtful anger, vows reached, the cry of a newborn infant, the scream of grief, the look of love in a glance, the brush of a strangers hand. The kiss from a child so gentle on your cheek, the slap of anger struck to the face, the words, I love you, forever, and until we meet. Life is lived in these. Some will go on to last a lifetime, some will end in defeat. Some will leave you sprinkled with joy others drowning in sadness.

      But the truly good thing about memories is, like magical fairies, they can be captured. Not always to be kept in jars, memories can be captured in photos, on tape, in writing or where I prefer, in the heart. The heart is the most special because it's always with you and you can take it with you when you go from this unsure earth into your future life in eternity. Will we remember them there, when we see our loved ones gone before us? Will we be able to see into our selves like a veil where they lay hidden there? Or will they be stored into boxes like treasures, where they have value like nuggets of gold? I know not yet for it's not my time to go.

      So now do you see what's so important about moments? Do you see the importance of never missing a beat? Do you understand what it takes to make them and never mind the way they may not be complete. For NOW is that moment, for there may never come another! NOW is your chance to never have to suffer regret! NOW is that tomorrow that you may never get the chance to meet!! Go create them, make them special and very unique. Your children will thank you, your parents look forward to and for your spouse or lover will make them feel complete. And you... oh yes you!! The heights they will take you, the healing it will reap, you will feel like you can go on forever and never ever accept defeat.