Thursday, April 24, 2014


     Broken; the word alone conjures up negative images: broken bones, china, toys, and the most painful one, heart. In God's mind though, brokenness is seen as a good thing. And for His works it is essential. For he uses only people whose hearts, human spirits and pride HAVE been broken. Brokenness is like that teacher that gives or gave you lots of homework, pop quizzes and very hard tests. While studying you  curse the teacher for all the preparation time it takes away from your "free" time. Your brain goes into "overload" and your hand cramps like talons of an eagle who clamps on to his prey. But by God, when that pop quiz is sprung on you, you know the answer and pass. And that in turn prepares you for the ultimate test. And when you are put to it, you slow your pace and breathing and with assuredness, start checking the boxes and filling in the spaces. 
     When you have been broken, you are forced to sit in quietness to reflect on the lesson it has taught you and it is during that time that the splint is attached to keep the "break" straight to heal correctly, the glue to dry the pieces firmly together, the wound to heal cleanly and without too much scarring. When in these stages, "support" is needed. A splint needs a cast, a dish needs two hands to hold it till the glue has time to harden, a wound needs to be cleaned out and held closed with stitches, staples or surgical tape until it becomes healed enough to not split wide open allowing infection to enter.
     For broken hearts and spirits, God sends His healing through others who receive the urging from the Holy Spirit. We are placed here on earth to help carry one another's load. That concept has been sadly pushed aside by far too many these days. The world's instructor, Satan, loves it when others choose to turn their head, to make them so busy with their life and goals they chase after, that they trample over the wounded leaving them hurting and bleeding. Another tool is to feign interest while leaving their thoughts to wander about... "what should I serve for dinner, I sure hope that package gets delivered today", or inwardly pick apart the imperfections of the person who stands before them. They really have no real desire to listen or to help them by just merely holding their hand, giving them a much needed hug. It's just half hearted sayings or something they throw out pretending to seem sincere to, "rack up points in Heaven", to look good in front of others for their ego's sake, to add to their "resume".
     When the wounded lay bleeding, they NEED "someone" to apply pressure to stop the bleeding, a hand to hold and squeeze while experiencing the excruciating pain. An ear to hear their plea, another's lips to pray. The worse thing a body of believers could do is to offer false hope and walk away and leave the wounded stranded. In every single one of us, upon birth, God has given to us the ability to help others. Otherwise God would have created us with only one of everything, one hand, one leg, one ear. His idea was one for us, one for another. His Son however used both feet and both hands to let them nail Him to the cross. He allowed himself to be broken, both heart and spirit, to feel our pain, hurts and disgust from our sins.
     We are called to love one another, not to ignore the pains of others. We all will experience brokenness at some point in our lives. Death of a loved one, a body shaken with illness, a depilating injury, a divorce, rejection from family or a friend. God "offers" a choice of brokenness and those who are willing to cast themselves on Jesus in thanksgiving for His death on the cross, by submitting their wills and all that they are to Him, will be broken by Him of any arrogance, hard-heartedness, and self centeredness.
     This will not and has never been to anyone taking this "offer", a pleasant process. However it is an absolutely necessary one. And here is a warning to those who do not submit to Him, he will ultimately "fall on them". When things fall upon something or someone, the force of  it can only be described as "crushing". The choice is ultimately yours... broken before Him, or crushed by Him.


  1. You speak so eloquently, Gisele....such a gift! You are a gift to me! Thank you for always lifting me up!

    1. And thank you for making feel like I really do have something to give. Thank you for being a vine to strengthen the branches. Thank you for reaching out to the young women you mentor to spread more love instead of hatred, more encouragement instead of cut downs. You help me see everything that I hold right and don't remind me of all my wrongs. I love you dear one.

    2. :) you just made my heart smile!!! I cherish you even if I don't get to see you often!!!

  2. You have become a broken vessel. Ready to be used by the Holy Spirit. He is speaking through you. Ministering to my heart. I've been needing refreshment to my soul, and spirit. Praise the Lord for your obedience, Zelly!
    Keep listening to that small inner voice that is speaking to your heart. He has something BIG to say. Share it with the rest of us when He speaks. Selah!!
    Love to you my Sister In Christ.

  3. You definitely have a gift for writing. This was beautiful. I, like others can relate to being broken. For me, it took years. I'm hardheaded I guess but I finally received healing and reconciliation, so sweet to be where I am now. I look forward to reading more. Welcome to bloggy world ((hugs))

  4. I am your newest follower and I found you through Debbie. I am her BFF-irregardless if she tells you differently! She is a doll and I adore her and any friend of hers is a friend of my own.

    I read all three posts and you write beautifully and I think you are on a healing mission-not only for yourself but to enable healing in others, too. Bless you- Diana

  5. Hi Gisele, WOW what an inspiring and beautifully written post. You are very gifted and blessed to open your heart to touch others. So nice to meet you. I am visiting from Debbie's precious blog and her introduction for yours. I have so enjoyed my visit and reading your wonderful words.
    I am your newest follower and signed up to follow by email.
    Wishing you a lot of fun in blogland and many blessings be yours.
    Big hugs from Texas,
    Celestina Marie