Friday, April 18, 2014

Though He whispered "it is finished", It Is My New Begining

     When you have survived a series of storms the Bible says God will send someone to build you a fire to help you revive your heart and soul. When I woke this Friday morning, for the first time in a very long time, I felt the fire ignite and I knew that as I awoke from the nights beautiful slumber, God was fanning a flame in my soul and I heard Him say, "My daughter, it is time for you to be the fire starter. Arise and greet this morning with anew vigor and healing. The embers have laid dormant for too long. Time has come to help free the souls of others. Help to light their hearts and souls on fire once again. Every victim becomes a victor sometime in their life, and your time has come to help others win their race."

      So on this solemn afternoon of Good Friday, in remembering Jesus' heart wrenching words to His Father, and feeling the consuming ache of the feeling of being forsaken that I have all to often felt too, I hear Him whisper, "It is finished....", than he shed one tear, swallowed his last breath, closed his eyes and hung his bleeding and heavy head. I'm sure his heart exploded with such pain and yet with that pain came an outflowing of love. Love for them, you... me. I for one could not let his suffering and death for my sins, be in vain. This is my thanks and this is how I will commend Him.

      I love to paint pictures in other's minds with words. I ache to help other's through their burdens for then mine seem so light. I want to serve a purpose for the sufferings I have endured. Most of all, I want to free other's from the chains that had kept me a prisoner for most of my adult life. So through my life's story I pray you can come to; look up into the galaxies and touch the stars, be overcome with the love like that of looking into the eyes of a new born babe, or being able to close your eyes and smell and feel the salty droplets coming at you from the waves of the crashing sea. That when you hear the claps of thunder, the roar of a hungry lion, you have peace instead of fear. Or when in the silence of a country night the frogs stop to acknowledge the voice of God and all His power.

     No body can truly know what it costs to be you, the pain, the crosses you have carried, the meaning behind the scars... But remember this one thing and let me walk you back down this path, "Greater is HE that is in you, than he that is in this world." The only way these shallow waters will be able to drown you, is if you don't stand up in it to find, after all, the water is only ankle deep. And if you have been stuck in the " pitty pit", (if you look upon the walls there you can see my initials scratched there too!!), asking God why He allowed the "snake" to bite you, you will learn as I did that it is to show unbelievers and semi-believers the He CAN bring the bitten one out of the poison the has filled the veins.  The greatest difference between saints and sinners... the survival rate. Be that survivor! Throw all the rotted, dried, termite infested wood in a pile and let's light and burn that pile!!

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  1. Beautiful post Gisele!
    So glad you decided to start your own blog. It's about time you start sharing your gift of writing, and also what is in your heart with the rest of us.
    I look forward to your next post.